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Religious Discrimination Overview

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Chapter 21 of the Texas Labor Code forbid employers and potential employers from discriminating against employees and job applicants on the basis of their religion. Employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of their religion in:

hiring, training, benefits awards and restrictions, compensation, promotions, firing, layoffs, harassment, and other terms and privileges of employment

In practice, religious discrimination often looks like:

  • Preventing employees form taking reasonable breaks to observe required prayer periods
  • Failing to provide reasonable accommodations to employees so that they can honor their religious obligations
  • Refusing to allow an employee to take off one day per week for regular worship services
  • Prohibiting specific religious dress or grooming practice. For instance, unless it would create safety problems or undue hardship, an employer cannot prohibit an employee from wearing a hijab or yarmulke
  • Mocking, belittling, or jokes at the expense of the employee’s beliefs

These protections extend to all religions and spiritual affiliations. So long as the employee’s beliefs are sincerely held, the law protects smaller or less popular religious and spiritual affiliations the same as it does Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The law also protects atheists and agnostics from similar discrimination.

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Victims of religious discrimination can be entitled to back pay, front pay, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, and/or job reinstatement. But timing for a discrimination case is critical. Contact a Dallas, Texas religious discrimination lawyer at Carter Law Group, to immediately begin building a strong and effective case.

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