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Sexual Abuse: What Is It?

Criminal rules against sexual misbehavior are specific in Texas. These statutes detail the many prohibited behaviors, along with the ages of the victims and the roles of the abusers. The rules also define specific behaviors that constitute all forms of sex abuse.

Unwanted sexual contact is a common component of sexual abuse. It includes oral sex and penetration in addition to fondling and stroking of a sexual nature. In many circumstances, such as those involving minors, the offender cannot use consent as an excuse for sexual abuse or illegal sexual activity.

Sexual assault is frequently subtler. An illustration would be a doctor departing from the parameters of a standard exam. Alternatively, a massage therapist could use their hands and fingers outside the therapy area. Many victims frequently experience discomfort at the moment but are too hesitant to voice their discomfort or speak up. They don’t feel confident enough to share what occurred to them until much later.

Statistics for Sexual Assault

Unfortunately, it is normal for many people to encounter sexual misconduct, violence, or assault at some point in their life. The Crimes Against Children Research Center actually provides the following sexual assault data specifically for children:

More than 50% of young people have been the victim of physical violence. 12 out of every 100 youngsters have experienced sexual abuse.
One-seventh of children in the population have experienced abuse.

However, even though the past cannot be changed, if you or a loved one was a victim of sex abuse you may have legal options and could benefit from speaking with a sympathetic Texas sexual assault attorney. Understanding the state-specific regulations that dictate how and when civil action can be conducted is vital before claiming compensation.

An experienced lawyer at Carter Law Group can address your concerns, outline your legal options, and fight tenaciously for the settlement you are due.

Common Causes of Sexual Abuse in Texas

Lawsuits for sexual assault are brought against the perpetrator as well as any organization that hired them or knowingly permitted their behavior. Victims’ allegations are frequently dismissed out of hand or just ignored. As a result, sexual predators continue to operate freely and have access to more prospective victims of sexual assault.

Many sex offenders are repeat offenders. They repeatedly abuse victims without ever being held responsible for their crimes. Numerous sex offenders hold positions of authority over their victims. With such authority, they compel or coerce others into engaging in their revolting behavior.

Family members, strangers, and other persons may sexually abuse you. However, a lot of abusers are either professionals or individuals in positions of trust. These consist of:

  • Coaches / Doctors
  • Massage practitioners
  • Christians in the priesthood
  • Boss scouts in charge (No longer accepting cases)
  • Lyft and Uber drivers
  • Police and security personnel
  • For instance, unlawful strip searches
  • Teachers who are professionals who use covert cameras

In Texas, our sexual assault attorneys have filed lawsuits against doctors, hospitals, coaches, massage therapists, and other individuals who sexually abuse defenseless victims. We have successfully negotiated sizeable settlements for victims of sexual assault in Texas, and we can do the same for you. We are happy to assist you, courteous, and informed.

The Permanent and Transient Impacts of Sex Abuse

Sexual assault results in both bodily and psychological harm. The harm has a lifetime impact on the victim and frequently gets worse with age.

Many victims struggle to maintain relationships and never have complete faith in anyone. It affects sexual relationships, work productivity, and results in harmful actions. Victims frequently never feel at ease in their own skin and often conceal their abuse out of concern for how it will be seen by others.

The impacts of sexual abuse on children are frequently more pronounced. These consist of:

changes in their conduct, such as being less outgoing and extroverted while also doing poorly in school.
despair, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
committing sexually inappropriate acts on other victims.
Many parents observe these changes in their children but are oblivious to the underlying cause. Doctors and other medical experts are educated to recognize the symptoms of child sexual abuse. To protect the child, they have a moral and legal obligation to inform the police about those actions.

Texas Sex Assault Lawsuit Filing

Anyone seeking compensation for sexual assault must understand the distinctions between civil and criminal cases because unwelcome sexual contact may give rise to both.

A victim of sexual abuse in Texas has up to fifteen years after the incident to file a criminal complaint. Furthermore, this deadline can be relaxed if DNA evidence is obtained. Prosecutors in towns and counties all around the state file these cases in an effort to penalize the criminal.

The victim files a civil case in order to demand financial reparations from the abuser. With the aid of a lawyer from our Texas firm, you can file a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the sexual assault. Damages for pain and suffering, mental suffering, and other psychological losses are included in these legal claims.

Additionally, lawsuits are brought against the organizations and institutions that hired the abuser and did nothing to stop the abuse. Institutions frequently disregard or fail to act on warning indications and evidence that could have avoided harm. In some circumstances, you can also hold the institution accountable for failing to stop the abuse.

A civil claim may be strengthened by a criminal conviction. It is possible to use witness testimony and police investigations as evidence in civil litigation. However, a claimant may bring a civil lawsuit without first bringing a criminal complaint, in accordance with Texas Compiled Law 600.5805(6).

Arrangements and Payment for Victims of Abuse and Harassment

Under Texas law, sexual assault victims have a variety of recoverable damages at their disposal. A civil claim for non-economic damages is the first kind. These cover remuneration for emotional distress, physical harm, post-traumatic stress disorder, and pain and suffering.

Economic losses are the second category of damages in civil cases. Numerous victims demand intensive therapy and treatment for their mental health. Suits seek remuneration for both previous care and for the cost of necessary future treatment.

Due to the mental devastation caused by the abuse, many victims often struggle to complete their schooling or maintain successful job. It is possible to file claims for past and prospective income losses brought on by the trauma.

Examples of jury verdicts and settlements in sexual assault cases in Texas

  • $3,000,000 was paid out to a patient of a doctor at a prominent hospital for sexual assault.
  • Settlement of $1,000,000 for two kids who were sexually molested by a daycare worker.
  • A juvenile who sued an EMS driver for sex assault received a $12,500,000 jury verdict.
  • Settlement of $600,000 for a patient with mental illness against a Texas adult foster care facility.
  • $400,000 payment for a resident of a nursing home who was sexually assaulted by personnel.
  • $105,000 was paid to the victim of a sexual assault claim made against a Texas police officer who had stopped her for a traffic violation.

After How Long Can a Texas Sex Abuse Lawsuit Be Filed?

The state’s statute of limitations should be understood by anybody wishing to bring a civil claim alleging sexual misconduct or abuse. In 2018, Texas law was amended to extend the deadlines for initiating civil lawsuits in sexual assault cases as well as for bringing criminal charges against victims under the age of 18.

The new law increased the statute of limitations for offences including criminal sexual assault from three to ten years, as well as ten years for bringing a civil lawsuit to seek damages. Depending on their age at the time of the abuse, victims of childhood sexual assault are eligible to file civil lawsuits until they are 28 years old. This rule offers victims a lot more time than was previously permitted to pursue their legal rights and compensation.

To prevent losing the chance to bring a legal case, anyone wishing to bring a civil claim alleging sexual assault in Texas should get in touch with an experienced Texas attorney right once.

Carter Law Group Fights For Sexual Abuse Victims

A potential claimant may feel nervous and uncertain about bringing a legal lawsuit against the sexual abuser. Additionally, understanding court procedures and modifications to Texas law can be difficult and stressful.

Our committed Texas sexual abuse attorneys can assist you if you were the victim of sexual misbehavior or abuse.

We will compile all the documentation required to support your claim and secure a compensation for you. Unless you receive a settlement and we put it in writing for you, we don’t charge any legal fees.

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Resources for Sex Abuse and Advocacy Activists

It is crucial to get assistance or contact the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) at 800-656-HOPE if you have experienced sexual violence (4673). Click here for additional information and resources.

Furthermore, the state advocacy organizations that aim to improve child welfare are listed online by the Texas Department of Health & Human Services (THHS). When people believe that changes to the legislation are necessary, many start conversations with legislators.

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