Organic Marketing 101

Hello.  This morning when I sat down to write my very first blog post, I decided to do something a little different than most legal blogs.  After all, Heather, my amazing associate, has all the legal stuff covered in her posts.  Instead, I’ve decided to talk about what has been consuming my life of late, the challenges and joys and more challenges of starting and running a small business – in this case, Carter Law Group.

Today, let’s talk about branding and what I’ll call organic marketing.  Carter Law Group had its first networking mixer, the first-annual Galentine’s Day Party, last week.   The Galentine’s Day Party was a huge success, and Heather and I were excited that all our vendors were small women-owned businesses based in Dallas.  But as these wonderful women dropped off their delicious cake balls and cookies or built their elaborate balloon creations on site, many did not have cards or displays with their information to promote their products and services during the party that was advertised as a networking event for female small business owners.  So, when women at the event were asking who made the fabulous cookies or the balloon background perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures, I had to tell them I would be sure to tag the businesses on Carter Law Group’s Facebook page.

Believe me, I know that business cards and signs feel like an extra expense that you just don’t need right now when you’re just starting out and struggling to buy the materials necessary to make your products.  So I wanted to share some programs Carter Law Group has found to be helpful on this branding journey.

Vistaprint is fast, easy, and cheap for business cards.  With hundreds of templates, just upload your logo and information and voila you have professional looking (and did I mention cheap) business cards.  They also have templates for basic signs you can display at the next Galentine’s Party.

Don’t have a logo, but you have a great idea for what yours should look like?  Canva can easily help you make your vision a reality.  Have no idea what your logo should look like?  Canva has templates that can walk you through the creation of something fabulous.  Even better, Canva is fast, easy and cheap.  Notice a theme here?

Really don’t have the cash for business cards or signage, just make a sign-in sheet for people who are interested in your products.  Constant Contact is free for users with a small number of  emails in their Rolodex (does that date me?) and will get you in the habit of sending out updates, specials, and events to your followers.  If all else fails, if you’re providing a product or service at an event, ask if you can have a basic sign-in sheet near your products asking for names and email addresses so you can follow up with people who are interested in learning more about your company.

I’m so excited to be part of this generation of women-business owners.  I know we’re going to kick butt and take names.  But first, we have to get our names out there so people know about our fabulous products and services.  Good luck, ladies!